Volunteers offer the creativity, dedication and wisdom that can significantly impact the development of Florida A&M University.  Whether it's in recruiting, advocating, mentoring, teaching, or fundraising, we can use all volunteers:

Alumni Ambassadors - http://goo.gl/forms/6U916DeiS1fEApbh1

Direct Support Organizations and Affinity Groups:

    §  FAMU NAA - http://www.famunaa.com

    §  Rattler Boosters - https://famurattlerboosters.com/

    §  Marching 100 Alumni Association - http://www.marching100alumni.com

    §  FAMU National Diamondback Pharmacy Alumni Council - http://www.nationaldpac.com

    §  FAMU School of Architecture Alumni - http://famusoa.wordpress.com

    §  220 Quarterback Club - http://www.ej4rattlers.com/220-Quarterback-Club.html