Message from the Vice President

Welcome to the University Advancement website and welcome to Florida A&M University's (FAMU) 125+ years of dedicated service to the state, the nation, and the world!

FAMU is ever grateful for the support and unwavering commitment and dedication displayed by our alumni, FAMU family and friends. It is because of your support that FAMU is the consistent choice for America’s best and brightest students. Known as the premier institution for educating African Americans, and nationally recognized as one of the largest producers in the nation of African Americans with advanced degrees, FAMU has continuously embraced its destiny and has become the premier institution of higher learning - dedicated to the advancement of knowledge and the empowerment of citizens and communities.




As the founders envisioned the FAMU we know today, we, the FAMUnity (faculty, staff, students, alumni and friends), must boldly create the new vision for FAMU tomorrow. With the same uncommon sense of greater purpose and commitment to excellence in every endeavor, we must make every decision based on the knowledge that the students of tomorrow are depending on us and will hold us accountable.

As we lay the foundation for the next 100 years of service, we must position ourselves academically and fiscally, to ensure that FAMU’s future continues to reflect and advance the strengths of its past. The economic and technological changes of the last decade have brought with them a marvelous opportunity that must be seized. The maturation of the e-technology (social media, mobile apps, etc.) has created a significant opportunity to influence, educate and enhance not just FAMU, but the world through FAMU.

Today, opportunities are limitless! Our future is our responsibility and our inheritance, and we alone determine our outcome. Continue to stand with us to ensure that FAMU yesterday, and FAMU today, is poised as a perpetual beacon of hope so that this great institution is positioned to exist forever.

Shawnta Friday-Stroud
Vice President, University Advancement
Executive Director, FAMU Foundation, Inc.